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CCFW, Annual report

Annual Report

The Children's Commissioner for Wales' annual report was launched on the 13th of October and can be found in our publications section.

Children's COmmiussioner for Wales

Increasing concerns over essential safeguarding service. Read about 'Missing Voices: Right to be Heard' here.

Annual work plan

Review of our role and functions

There's currently an independent review underway about our role and functions. You can read more about it and find details of how to get involved here.

BackChat - What matters to you?

Advisory Groups


Find more information on how we listen to children and young people from across Wales and how we involve them in our work.

Advice & Support

Call 0808 801 1000 between 9am and 5pm (Monday to Friday) and ask for Advice and Support. Or text us free on 80800. More info here 

0808 801 1000

Games & Quizzes

Games & Quizzes

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