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About Us

A bit of history...

Children's rights organisations in Wales campaigned for a Commissioner for over 10 years. Politicians in the National Assembly for Wales were also keen on the idea. They wanted someone who would speak up for children and young people's rights and help to protect them.

In early 2000, Sir Ronald Waterhouse published his report 'Lost in Care' after a long inquiry into child abuse in children's homes in north Wales. He recommended that Wales should have a Children's Commissioner to try and stop such things happening again.

In 2001, Wales became the first country in the UK to appoint a Children's Commissioner. Peter Clarke became Wales' first Children's Commissioner. Sadly, Peter Clarke passed away in January 2007. You can read what people had to say about him and his work here.

The current Children's Commissioner for Wales

Keith Towler began his role as Children's Commissioner for Wales on St.David's Day, 2008. He will remain in post until 2015.

Helping Keith in his job as a Commissioner is a team of people, based across our two offices, in Colwyn Bay and Swansea. You can read about our current work here and follow the links below to find out more about the team:


Other stuff

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